Inception to Actualization

Inception to Actualization

Ideas are funny things. Everybody has them. Lots of them are good, but many folks don’t act on their own home-sprung inspirations. Part of that is lack of opportunity, motivation, or innovation to make it happen. One of the struggles many top employers have who do business in a creative workspace is understanding motivations. Success is about being propelled forward, the key is understanding what the right propellant is and how to use it effectively.

Monark has been on the front lines of groundbreaking, proprietary technology innovations and creations since day one. Many of them have helped shape how companies are and will be doing business today and tomorrow. But, much of that creative output needed to get there was homegrown. The key was finding a way to keep the creative space its employees worked in free from distractions, burdens, and office politics.  Happy employees are productive employees. But that doesn’t complete the whole equation for a successful workplace. It is about integration.

Folding people into the celebratory success of their projects, and the projects of other departments give everyone a sense of the group’s collective achievements. Creative inspiration is fueled by a passion for what you do. If your top creative minds have their ideas pipeline cluttered with distractions or misguided attitudes, you won’t reach the level groundbreaking innovation necessary to compete and win.

Monark has worked tirelessly experimenting and cultivating ways to get the most creative horsepower of its employees while leaving people feeling they are genuinely helping turn the collective wheel of success, not merely cogs inside it. Harnessing innovation is sometimes about having the creative space to roam free to find the solutions to problems and challenges, some of which haven’t even been invented yet.

People, in some ways and on many levels, are not complicated. Most of us want the same basic things – to feel supported, heard, encouraged, and given a platform to celebrate our achievements. It’s not a secret formula by any means, but it is harder to enact that many might think. It takes more than words and fancy slogans printed around the office; you need to have a top-down attitude that sets the stage for this culture of success. It takes bosses and managers getting down and into the trenches with their staff and doing the hard work with them to make it happen. It is only by demanding from Monark's leaders that higher you go in the company, the harder you need to work on the ground level with your staff to ensure the cycle of successful innovation is never broken.