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Core Functions


For 15 years, Monark Group has been a pioneer in e-commerce. Using owned infrastructure and proprietary software, our team of digital marketing experts and IT professionals come together to exceed expectations on a daily basis.

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Real Estate

Monark Group has invested over $300 million in property development across North America since 2001. With a portfolio of high end resort properties, townhomes, and commercial developments, Monark Group prides itself on the impact it has had on skylines across the US and Canada.

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Arts and culture has a home at Monark Group, with our film production company, Dalmora. While only being a few years old, Dalmora is off to a great start breaking box office records in Punjabi film production.

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Latest Projects - Kater

Kater is a mobile app used to hire a chauffeur for your vehicle. If you need a night out, time for emails or someone to run errands, Kater’s trusted drivers let you focus on you.

Latest Projects - Lumina Brentwood

Picture a place where city and nature come together in perfect harmony. This is Lumina Brentwood in Burnaby, BC. One, two, and three bedroom homes. Register now for early previews.

Latest Projects - ReShip

Located in picturesque Portland, Oregon, was founded to best serve those wanting to purchase products from U.S. merchants, but living in places where it was difficult and expensive to have these items shipped internationally.

Latest Projects - TPC Southpoint

Avondale Development Corp. in partnership with the Monark Group has announced the construction of The Professional Centre at Southpoint. This new development features high-end retail and office space.