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Fueled by ideas, driven by technology.

A dynamic and multifaceted venture studio, located in British Columbia, dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions in today’s fast-paced business world.

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Transparency in Action

At Monark Ventures, transparency is at our core. Sharing our achievements in revenue, prescriptions sold, global reach, and online presence highlights our commitment to excellence and trust.

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$ 2bn



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Inside Our Venture Studio:
How We Build & Grow Start-Ups


Ideation – Assemble and Scale New Start-up Companies Rapidly:

Our goal is to identify high-potential opportunities and assemble them into scalable start-up companies. Empowering entrepreneurs and innovators with bold ideas that have the potential to reshape industries and improve lives.

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Growth – Develop, Execute, and Grow:

At Monark, we're not just investors; we're partners in your journey. We offer not only financial support but also access to cutting-edge technology, guidance from industry experts, and operational support. Together, we'll incubate your idea, refine it, and scale it to new heights.

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Expansion – Spin Out into a Standalone Company:

We support the startup in navigating the challenges of scaling, expanding into new markets, and maintaining sustainable growth. Our ultimate goal is to empower the startup to thrive independently and make a lasting impact in its industry.

Monark Ventures excels at the nexus of innovation and technology, delivering consistent value to clients, stakeholders, and communities through our relentless pursuit of next-generation solutions.

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