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Core Functions



Since 2001, Monark Group has been a pioneer in e-commerce. Using owned infrastructure and proprietary software, our team of digital marketing experts and IT professionals come together to exceed expectations daily.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Since 2001, Monark Group has invested in property development across North America. With a portfolio of high-end resort properties, townhomes, and commercial developments, Monark Group prides itself on the impact it has had on skylines across the US and Canada.



Arts and culture has a home at Monark Group, with our film production company, Dalmora. While only being a few years old, Dalmora is off to a great start breaking box office records in Punjabi film production.



In 2014, Monark entered the Canadian cannabis industry with its company, Zenabis, one of the largest Licensed Producers in Canada. Our team is specialized in agriculture, pharmaceutical sales, consumer packaged goods, international distribution, brand marketing, and finance.

App Development

App Development

Monark Group is comprised of many talented developers, designers, and IT specialists. Our team develops and creates customer-centric mobile applications that provide the functionality needed to meet dynamic business requirements.


Finalist Announcement

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2019 Pacific

Co-Founders of Monark Group, Mark Catroppa and Monty Sikka were nominated as Finalists for the 2019 EY Entrepreneur of The Year Award, in the Business Disruptors category. We would like to congratulate Mark and Monty on this achievement!

Unstoppable entrepreneurs are resilient and courageous and show strong leadership by creating a business culture where risk taking is rewarded.

This year’s finalists certainly meet those criteria. They’re innovative thinkers who capitalize on market trends and disrupt traditional industries. And they’re doing it all while maintaining strong business integrity and extended community engagement.

Lui Petrollini

Program Director, EY Entrepreneur of The Year Pacific

The Station in Fort St. John

The Station at Fort St. John consists of 207 acres and is the city’s only proposed fully master planned community. Follow the money to Fort St. John and take advantage of the largest resource boom in Canadian history. To learn more about this project and the investment opportunity click here.

Company Portfolio

Latest Project - Zenabis Global

Established in 2014, Zenabis Global is one of the largest Licensed Producers of medical and recreational cannabis in Canada. Zenabis strategically has facilities across Canada, facilitating national distribution and access to international markets.  

Latest Project - Namaste

Namaste is a premium recreational brand of cannabis by Zenabis, one of Canada’s largest Licensed Producers of medical and recreational cannabis in Canada. Namaste products are regulated by Health Canada and adhere to the strict quality control standards. 

Latest Project - Kater

Kater is a technology company that has created an innovative transportation solution for British Columbia: Kater ride-hail. Launching in Vancouver early 2019, the Kater app allows users to request a ride from their smartphone and connect with a safe, reliable ride on demand.

Latest Project - Lumina Brentwood

Picture a place where city and nature come together in perfect harmony. This is Lumina Brentwood in Burnaby, BC. A collection of one, two, and three-bedroom homes designed for modern living with thoughtfully laid out floor plans. Pre-sales for this development are sold out, and the development completion date is estimated for Fall 2020.

Latest Project - ReShip

Based out of picturesque Portland, Oregon, was founded for those wanting to purchase products from U.S. and Canadian merchants, living in places where it was difficult and expensive to have these items shipped to them. ReShip provides customers with a UK, US, and Canadian address and will then reship these items directly to their home.  

Latest Project - TPC Southpoint

Avondale Development Corp. in partnership with the Monark Group has announced the construction of The Professional Centre at Southpoint. This new development features high-end retail and office space. TPC will include a range of on-site amenities including a restaurant, Tesla charging stations, a 24/7 fitness facility, among others.