About Us

Monark Group is a diversified company specializing in e-commerce, business consulting, real estate, financing, investments, and more. It has invested over $200 million in property development across North America, operates numerous e-commerce sites, and provides mortgages, financing and start-up funding. Monark Group has also made a successful entry into the entertainment industry, specializing in film production.


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Monark Group is a leading provider in digital marketing solutions. With ownership and investments in multiple successful e-commerce sites, Monark Group has proven itself successful in the world of digital marketing. Independent retailers look to Monark Group to develop and support their online businesses.
We help businesses gain access to leading edge technologies that will save significant costs, increase productivity and simplify business processes.
The Monark Group’s call center services help companies meet client commitments on time, engage customers effectively and provide consistent customer care.
Monark Group provides numerous funding services including commercial mortgages, residential mortgages, land financing, construction financing, inventory financing, and start-up funding.

Real Estate

With over a decade of property development and construction experience, Monark Group’s dedication to quality design and craftsmanship is evident in each venture upon which it embarks. Since 2001, Monark Group has invested over $200 million dollars in property development across North America, which includes high-end golf resorts, hotels, townhomes, hi-rises, and commercial development. Monark Group specializes in all aspects of property development, including site acquisition, design, construction, marketing, and sales. From conception to completion, Monark Group assists investors in turning their vision into a reality.

Current Projects

TPC South Point
The Aspen - Fort St John

Renfrew & E 1st Ave. Vancouver BC

2242 Alpha Ave Burnaby BC

Past Projects

Bayview Terrace Townhomes

Walton’s Lakefront Resort

Join Our Team

Monark Group’s greatest strength is its employees. The Monark team is comprised of many young and talented individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. It is the energy and diversity of its employees which enables Monark Group to thrive in many different industries.

In recognition of the value of its team, Monark Group supports its employees by offering a wide variety of perks and benefits including generous bonuses, regular catered lunches, private gym access, tickets to entertainment events, and funding for professional development.

If you are looking to work for a dynamic and energetic company which values and empowers those with new and unique perspectives, please contact us at careers@monark.com.

Giving Back

Monark Group is dedicated to improving communities and qualities of life for people, both local and overseas. To this end, it operates The Sikka Foundation and The Magical Dreams Foundation.

After witnessing children suffering from poverty in his native India, Monark Group President Monty Sikka, founded the Sikka Foundation with his wife, Renee in 2008. Since then, the foundation has been contributing to the provision of food, clean water, medical care, and education to impoverished children throughout the developing world. To date, The Sikka Foundation has contributed over a half million dollars to aid and education for the world’s most vulnerable and poverty stricken citizens.

The Magical Dreams Foundation was founded by Monark Group Sr. Vice President, Mark Catroppa. It is committed to the support and prosperity of the local community through funding a wide range of community building efforts. These efforts include care for children with special needs, improvement of medical care for children locally and abroad, local food banks, scholarships, and support for the less fortunate.

Contact Us

  • info@monark.com
  • +1.604.592.7250
  • Ocean Pointe, Suite 203
    1688 152nd Street
    Surrey, BC V4A 4N2