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Monark Group is comprised of many talented digital marketing professionals. Specializing in e-commerce, we have proven ourselves successful in the world of digital marketing. We develop and implement solutions for order fulfillment, customer service procedures, integration of custom CRM software, and all aspects of web development. With our years of experience crafting and using these tools, we are able to deliver an exceptional customer experience across vastly different industries and markets.

These activities are complimented by our ability to execute sound marketing strategies by conducting highly effective multi-media marketing communication campaigns coupled with cutting edge search engine optimization techniques. Our digital marketing expertise has been forged from the collective decades of experience our team has amassed over the years. This has given us a distinct ability to consistently take great ideas, and turn them into substantial, revenue generating online businesses. Independent retailers look to Monark Group to develop and support their online businesses.


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Monark Group is continuously investing in new and exciting opportunities. As a venture capital firm, we specialize in providing the right conditions to turn early stage tech start-ups into mighty, industry disrupting businesses.  At Monark Group, when we believe in a business, we take a risk on it and help it perform to its highest potential. With Monark Group’s funding, infrastructure, network and expertise, promising entrepreneurs can grow their business in ways never before possible.

In addition to our venture capital investments, we are also heavily involved in real estate development, with $300 million invested in property and development since 2001.

How does Monark Group identify a good potential investment?

  • It must ignite a passion and a vision beyond short term financial gains.
  • It must have a proven profitable business model.
  • It must show potential for long term growth.


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Community Involvement is an important part of Monark Group’s culture and we are a proud supporter of arts and cultural events in British Columbia. We provide talent, funding and promotional support to take important community events to the next level. To date, we have been instrumental in putting on many events including the Times of India Film Awards, SLAM – The Tour’s Vancouver show, and many others. Monark Group believes in supporting community events and makes use of its ample resources to make these events truly unforgettable experiences.

Some other events to which we have provided support include:

  • Canada-India Network Society
  • City of Surrey Winterfest Festival
  • City of Surrey Earth Day Festival
  • City of Surrey Canada Day Festival
  • City of Surrey Fusion Festival
  • City of Surrey Mayor’s Charity Ball
  • Community of Lights Spirit of the Sea Festival
  • Indian Summer Arts Society ISF 2015
  • Peninsula Community Vintage Affair
  • Vancouver International Wine Festival Bacchanalia Gala
  • VIBC City of Bhangra Festival



Monark Group is committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility and good corporate citizenship. Monark Group maintains a donation program with the express purpose of demonstrating good corporate citizenship in the communities where we do business.

Our Contribution to the community is founded on four key areas:
Local Health – Community Welfare – Environment – Youth Development

Monark Group’s founders also operate two charitable organizations: The Sikka Foundation and The Magical Dreams Foundation.

After witnessing children suffering from poverty in his native India, Monark Group President Monty Sikka, founded the Sikka Foundation with his wife, Renee in 2008. Since then, the foundation has been contributing to the provision of food, clean water, medical care, and education to impoverished children throughout the developing world. To date, The Sikka Foundation has contributed over half a million dollars to aid and education for the world’s most vulnerable and poverty-stricken citizens.

The Magical Dreams Foundation was founded by Monark Group Senior Vice President, Mark Catroppa. It is committed to the support and prosperity of the local community through funding a wide range of community building efforts. These efforts include care for children with special needs, improvement of medical care for children locally and abroad, local food banks, scholarships, and support for the less fortunate.

The Sikka FoundationMagical Dreams Foundation