Monark Group is a collection of diverse businesses in industries spanning e-commerce, real estate development, cannabis, technology, and more. Monark is committed to exceeding the highest quality standards in all areas of our business and providing our customers with products and services that meet their needs.

Monark thrives on investing in new opportunities and growing our businesses. We develop, build, and manage all projects in-house from start-up phase to completion and manage all logistics throughout the process.


Monark Group has several established e-commerce companies and provides full-service logistics to each. Monark has seamlessly integrated their services by providing an in-house call centre, warehousing, transportation, and shipping services. Monark develops and implements solutions for order fulfillment, customer service procedures, integration of custom CRM software, and all aspects of supply chain management.

Monark has built strong relationships with leading package carriers to provide a streamlined process for delivering consumer merchandise from the point of origin directly to customers. With our years of experience with these services, we can deliver an exceptional customer experience across different industries and markets.



Monark Group is continuously investing in new and exciting opportunities. As a venture capital firm, we specialize in providing the right conditions to turn early stage start-ups into mighty businesses that come to be an industry disruptor. At Monark Group, we take risks on businesses we believe in and help them perform to their highest potential. With Monark Group’s funding, infrastructure, network and expertise, promising entrepreneurs can grow their business in ways never before possible.

How does Monark Group identify a good potential investment?

  • It must ignite a passion and a vision beyond short term financial gains
  • It must have a proven profitable business model
  • It must show potential for long term growth


With nearly two decades of property development and construction experience, Monark Group is committed to building communities for people to live, work, and play. We are dedicated to quality design, craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability.

At Monark Group, we continue to grow the company’s portfolio to include a variety of residential and commercial real estate projects across North America. Since 2001, Monark has invested in property development. Along the way, our developments have gained a reputation for high standards and have built strong relationships with our customers, partners, trades, consultants, and colleagues.

Monark Group specializes in all aspects of property development and is involved from start to finish in the creation of communities. Monark is involved in each phase including the acquisition of land, design, construction, sales and marketing, and property management.




Monark Group understands the needs of consumers and we continue to work towards providing tailored solutions that meet dynamic business needs. Our team develops and creates customer-centric mobile applications that provide the functionality and transformation needed in a mobile world.

Creating these applications within the greater aim of providing customers with user experiences that are in line with their wants and needs requires a vision. Our vision is fueled by a desire to innovate with the willingness to step outside the boundaries.