Frequently Asked Questions

I screw the template, How can I undo or go back to the Original template?

Don't worry you can go back to a previous version of your template or restore the original one. Please watch this video:

How to edit the Rotating Words?

1. Select the First Word Element.
2. On Transforms (Right Panel almost at the end) enter de number of degrees depending on the word you want to edit.
3. Done.
Here is a Table of the number of degrees you need to enter DEPENDING on the word you want to edit:

First Word- 0 degrees
Second Word- 90 degrees
Third Word- 180 degrees
Fourth Word- 270 degrees


Example 2:

How to change the Background Figures?

Please, watch this video:

Important Note About the Hero Section on the Service Page

The Hero section on the Service Page was designed to reveal more content depending on the size of your visitors view port (screen). That means that a larger screen will reveal more screens (images) that a narrower one.

Things to Consider.

1. Note that some images will not visible to some of your visitors.

2. Make sure to update all the screens (images) on the right side, so users with larger screens never lost any of your content.

3. Enjoy and make the most of this feature!

How to Edit the Works Section on the Main Page?

It is very easy, please watch this video:

How Can I Edit a Heading, Paragraph, links, etc?

1. Select the element to edit

2. Go to the Style Panel and under the Selector SELECT the "All x element" .

3. Make your edits.

What is the "Sort Order" option for?

This option is very useful when you want to sort your Collection Lists in a very specific order.


Say you want to feature a specific Collection list and palace it in certain order in your Home Page, like in the image below.

In order to do that, you will need to assign a "Sort Order" number to each one of your products.

1. Go to your Product Listing Page and assign a "Sort Order" number to your product.

2. Next, on the filter settings of your Collection lists, select the Sort order number for your product. In this case the number one. Do the same for the rest of collections.

And that is all you need to do to have your collection list show up as first.

Important Notes

Follow this recommendations for your website

Use high quality 2x (double the size) images

In order to have crisp images on most modern devices, you need to upload 2x image sizes.

Optimize your Images

If you want to achieve better loading time we recommend to optimize all your pictures using services like

Use SVG icons

For a high quality visual experience for your user we recommend using svg icons. You can visit to find and customize svg icons.


We can help you with anything related regarding this template

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