Monark has made many successful entries into the e-commerce arena. Through the establishment and ownership of infrastructure for international order fulfillment and highly effective digital marketing strategies, we have been able to realize a significant amount in revenue through our various e-commerce businesses. Our e-commerce platforms deliver exceptional service to our customers across the globe.  

Current Projects

2011 – Present

ReShip is an international freight forwarding service which gives international shoppers their own address in Canada, US, and the UK, enabling them to buy goods online and have them shipped to anywhere in the world. ReShip breaks down the walls of restrictive shipping policies, giving hundreds of thousands of shoppers from around the world access to US and Canadian goods at the most affordable rates possible.

2016 – Present provides Quality Canadian products with the world. All products are bought directly from Canadian Manufacturers or Wholesalers. Get the best deals on products and get them delivered right to your door.

Past Projects

Canada Pharmacy

2001 – 2012 is a fully licensed, accredited, web-based pharmacy, selling quality prescription medications in the United States. With over 500,000 customers, Monark Group turned Canada Pharmacy into one of the biggest pharmacies in the world. just celebrated its 18th anniversary and Monark Group is incredibly proud of what it has become.

Total Pet Supply

2007 – 2012 has been providing pet owners with affordable, over-the-counter pet medications since 2007. Monark Group’s e-commerce expertise and love for pets has helped turn into a pet medication e-commerce powerhouse with more than 250,000 customers and consistent appearances in the Top 500 Guide since 2010.

West Coast Skin

2005 – 2012 is a skin care specialty store which provides carefully selected skin care and anti-aging products to people around the world. Monark Group has been instrumental in expanding West Coast Skin’s operations internationally.

Future Projects

Monark Group is always looking ahead to the next opportunity. With that visionary perspective in mind, we have big plans for the projects below.