Monark Group has developed several cannabis brands within the medical and recreational cannabis industry. Zenabis Global Inc. is a publicly traded Canadian Licensed Producer of medical and recreational cannabis with one of the largest production footprints in Canada. Zenabis is the parent company to Namaste, which serves the recreational market.

Our cannabis team has an extensive background in retail consumer packaged goods, global pharmaceutical sales and manufacturing, quality assurance, and commercial cultivation.

Zenabis Global Inc. is a Licensed Producer of medical and recreational cannabis, established in 2013, with one of the largest available production footprints in the world. Zenabis’ facilities are fully integrated from seed-to-sale and are strategically located on Canada’s west and east coasts, facilitating distribution to international markets. In addition to providing medical cannabis to patients across Canada, Zenabis has secured contracts with provincial and territorial wholesalers to distribute cannabis for recreational market. Zenabis also has relationships with suppliers in Europe and Latin America and are currently working towards receiving globally recognized EU GMP certifications. 

In October 2018, Zenabis entered into an amalgamation agreement with Bevo Farms Ltd. via reverse takeover, which provided over 2.1 million square feet of greenhouse production space. Zenabis now has a combined total of over 3.5 million square feet of production space across its facilities in British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.

Zenabis is a publicly traded company listed on the TSX under the exchange symbol ZENA.


Zenabis Facilities

Zenabis Delta

License: June 2017
Building Total: 25,000 sq. ft.

Located in British Columbia, Zenabis Delta consists of a 25,000 square foot federally licensed facility. It is one of the only licensed facilities in the Greater Vancouver area. Its proximity to all major urban cities makes it a prime distribution centre for the wholesale distribution model created by the Provincial Government. The Delta facility is primarily used for cultivation, extraction, and call centre activities.

Zenabis Atholville

License: August 2017
Building Total: 380,000 sq. ft. 

Located in New Brunswick, Zenabis Atholville is on a 20-acre site encompassing over 380,000 square feet. It is a state-of-the-art, federally licensed, indoor growing facility and the cornerstone of cultivation, research and development programs, extraction and processing operations, while also providing support to finished product operations. 


Zenabis Stellarton

License: March 2019
Building Total: 255,000 sq. ft. 

Located in Nova Scotia, Zenabis Stellarton has 255,000 square feet of indoor production space. The facility was designed to meet pharmaceutical-grade facility requirements in order to be fully compliant with Health Canada GPP and third-party GMP benchmarks.

Zenabis Stellarton received a license to cultivate cannabis in March 2019. The facility will undergo six different phases to scale up and meet the demands of the legal recreational market. It will support cultivation and finished product operations, research and development, extraction, and new product development.

Zenabis Langley

License: Expected early 2019
Building Total: 2,091,880 sq. ft. 

In October 2018, Zenabis entered into an amalgamation agreement with Bevo via reverse takeover, acquiring over 2.8 million square feet of greenhouse production space and significantly increased cultivation capacity. Bevo Farms Ltd. is a leading supplier of propagation agricultural plants and operates high-tech greenhouse facilities in Langley and Pitt Meadows, British Columbia.

Zenabis will convert 2.1 million square feet of the Langley greenhouse facility into cannabis cultivation space by March 2020. Upon full conversion, Bevo will have the potential to produce the highest annual yield of any cannabis production facility in Canada.

Namaste is a premium adult-use recreational cannabis brand based out of Canada. Namaste sells high-quality cannabis and products and cannabis derivatives sourced from its parent company, Zenabis. Namaste products were created to inspire cannabis users to elevate each day and to unplug, look up, breathe in, and be present.