Monark Group is continuously looking for new innovative ideas and creating solutions within the technology sector. Monark’s in-house app development team consists of designers, developers, project managers, and strategists who have extensive experience in software development. 

Kater is a technology company that has developed an innovative solution to BC’s transportation needs.

Since 2016, Kater has successfully operated a mobile app that connects vehicle owners to a personal chauffeur driver. Utilizing this same technology, Kater has created an innovative solution to ride-hailing in British Columbia.

Currently in beta testing, Kater is the made-in-BC ride-hailing solution that will change the way British Columbians commute. At the tap of a button, the Kater app will connect users with safe, reliable rides on demand using their smartphones. By mid-2019, Kater will be launching in Vancouver, BC and will then expand to cover all of British Columbia.

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