Who We Are

Monark Group began as a small British Columbia based e-commerce company in 2001. In the years following its birth, Monark Group has become a successful diversified company specializing in e-commerce, business consulting, real estate, financing, investments, and more. It has invested over $300 million in property development across North America, operates numerous e-commerce sites with $500 million in revenue, and provides mortgages, financing and start-up funding. Monark Group has recently made a successful entry into the entertainment industry, specializing in film production.

The Team

Monark Group employs over 100 people around the world. Meet some of the great minds who have made it what it is today.

Monty Sikka


Mr. Sikka

Mr. Sikka has developed several successful startup companies in the technology sector over the past two decades. He has extensive experience in e-commerce, marketing and finance sectors.

As President of Monark Group, a group of companies he co-founded in 2001, Mr. Sikka has grown the business into a multi-million dollar, multi-faceted corporation, including several e-commerce websites with proprietary software. With corporate offices located in Surrey, BC, his group of companies has locations in several countries including UK, India, Malta and USA.

Adding to his success in the technology sector, Mr. Sikka continued his entrepreneurial leadership to establish numerous ventures, including a diverse portfolio of real estate developments throughout North America.

Mr. Sikka received a Distinguished Alumni Award from Kwantlen University, where he graduated in 1996 to further pursue his CGA.

A family foundation has been created by Mr. Sikka, supporting several international and local community charitable projects.

Mark Catroppa

Senior Vice President

Mr. Catroppa

Mr. Catroppa is the Senior Vice President of Monark Group, obtaining his degree in Financial Management, as well as several years of management experience with various Federal Government regulatory bodies.

Mr. Catroppa has provided strategic marketing initiatives and business development to several successful start-up companies in the technology sector and property development. His diverse portfolio of real estate developments has focused primarily on residential and commercial projects in British Columbia.

Mr. Catroppa founded a charitable foundation supporting initiatives in the areas of educational accessibility while contributing to several local community foundations.

Vaughn Hodson


Mr. Hodson

Mr. Hodson is the CFO of Monark Group, overseeing the financial operations of several companies throughout North America and Europe. He has over ten years of experience working with start-up companies, primarily in the marketing, e-commerce and logistics sectors.

Mr. Hodson also has considerable experience in real estate development and management. The Monark Group portfolio includes residential, commercial and recreational developments throughout Canada and the United States.

After receiving his Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree from the University of Manitoba, Mr. Hodson earned his CA designation while working in public practice. He gained expertise in the area of public practice for several years before moving to private industry in 2003.

Mr. Hodson is a director of a charitable foundation supporting initiatives in the areas of educational accessibility while contributing to several local community foundations.

Mandeep Khara

Vice President Marketing

Mr. Khara

As the Vice President Marketing for Monark Group, Mr. Khara brings more than 10 years of experience managing marketing activities for several successful e-commerce businesses. He has control of over $20 million in annual marketing budgets and makes strategic decisions regarding all aspects of marketing for Monark Group’s various interests. He has led many business ventures, including e-commerce, tech start-ups, and app development.

Mr. Khara is an alumnus of BCIT and an innovator of new marketing techniques in the health field. He enjoys spending time with his family and cheering on his beloved Edmonton Oilers.